Tilt Shift Experiment


Prior to heading to Disneyland, I rented a tilt shift lens to play with. It was hard to find the right angles and elevation, but these ones of the Grand Californian lobby came out nice.

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YoYoJam Trinity Pre-Release Video


I've been playing with the Pre-Release Trinity by YoYoJam for several days now, and it quickly became my new favorite. I have started playing beyond my normal capacity (which still isn't all that great). I can really see how this yoyo is going to help me get to the next level.

Even if you have to wait until the official release in June, pick one up!

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Blogging, iPad style


Tonight, I brought home the company iPad for a test run over the long weekend. I decided the proper venue for my test was to hop on down to the Mad Greek in Portland for dinner and a little entertainment. I brought the slim encased iPad along for the ride. A quick post to ensure I can at least pretend to type.

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YoYoJam Pre-Release Trinity Has Arrived


I picked these two beautiful YoYoJam Trinity yo's out of my mailbox yesterday afternoon.

Get yours at YoYoExpert.com while supplies last. Each Pre-Release Trinity comes with an Andre Boulay trading card signed and numbered by Andre himself. Only 100 total Pre-Release Trinity Yo-Yo's were made available (50 Red, 50 Blue), so don't waste any time.

The first impression is spectacular play. Long sleep times and great balance. No drifting and very stable. The blue one is mine, and the red is a gift for someone else. --UPDATE-- See the video.

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Watching the LHC Webcasts


So, here I am having a productive night of work, when a tweet gets caught in my filter about the CERN webcast LHC First Physics. Next thing I know, all work has stopped, and I'm closely monitoring the LHC Control Screen, watching the TeV climb... and then fall.

I am of course a fan of anything geek, so the search for exotic particles is right down my alley, but even I wasn't prepared to be so engrossed in the action unfolding real-time for my viewing pleasure. Having 2 windows open (one for the webcast, and one for the control screen) means no work being done at the moment.

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